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We are Croydon Roller Derby – London’s youngest league, and home to one of the top teams in Europe.

Initially an American import, roller derby has enjoyed a colossal surge in popularity in the UK over the past decade. Once upon a time, roller derby was considered a solely spectator sport based on the principles of hotpants and scary names. Nowadays, high-level roller derby depends on cunning tactics, athleticism, and flawless teamwork. This is the quality that Croydon Roller Derby strives towards.

A comparatively small ‘London league’ founded in 2009, CRD has come staggeringly far in its five years. With no venue to begin with, our skaters would practice outdoors in the Ikea car park or on Croydon’s St George’s Walk. Today, we have a great A-team, we have a fantastic B-team, and we have played internationally. We continue to spread the word about CRD, and roller derby in general, with fantastic fundraisers, bouts against formidable opponents, and extremely tasteful calendars. We want to show you that what we lack in size and number we make up for in dedication, resilience, and victories.

Despite the sport’s rapid evolution, Croydon’s league values have remained the same. Our intensive coaching focuses on honing the strengths and talents of every individual to make our team the best it can possibly be. Both our teams take the sport very seriously and everyone is encouraged to help out with committee work, whether it’s bout organisation, graphic design, coaching, or sponsorship. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like – CRD are only interested in your potential to be great.

The Sport

Roller Derby is a full contact sport played on roller skates by 2 teams of 5 skaters. Each team has 1 point scorer, called the jammer (they wear a star on their helmet), the jammer scores points by legally passing the hips of members of the opposing team. The other 4 skaters on the team are called blockers, their job is to stop the opposing jammer from getting past them while helping their own jammer get past the other team. Techniques that blockers use to do this include: hitting with the hips, positional blocking, and working together in ‘walls’. Roller Derby is a tactical game of simultaneous offence and defence and requires a lot of physical and mental strength.

Watch this handy video explaining the sport, produced by the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association).

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