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There are many ways to contact CRD, to make things easier, we have different email addresses for you to use to get a direct and accurate response to your enquiry! If you’re looking to join CRD, or wish to enquire about what is involved in joining CRD, please contact our recruitment email or use the form below.

For all bout and scrimmage enquiries, please contact our league liaison.

If you wish to contact the PR side of CRD, please email our PR rep.

If you wish to find out about sponsoring us, then please email CRD sponsorship.

To contact our refs and NSOs, please email CRD Officials

For anything not listed above or for general info about CRD, please contact us at our information email.


So you’re interested in joining CRD? Whether you want to become a skater, ref or NSO, there’s a place for you! To enquire about joining CRD fill in the form below:





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