CRD bids farewell to Riot Squad superstar Apocalex

Riot Squad all-star, Vice Squad coach and all round amazing human being Apocalex played her last game with CRD on Saturday 14th May against London Rockin’ Rollers.

She’s been with Croydon Roller Derby for over five years. During this time she’s captained Riot Squad, led them to numerous, spectacular victories, helped keep morale high and teammates smiling in the face of defeat as well as welcomed countless newer members into the CRD fold – offering them encouragement and words of wisdom along the way.

It’s fair to say the league is distraught at her departure – there’s been plans for a kidnapping, downright refusal by some to accept that this is actually happening, bribes, tears and straight-up begging her to stay.

In short, Apocalex will be sorely missed by all. Here’s what some of her teammates have to say about this awesome woman:

Credit: Rebecca Cornford

“It’s hard to put into words how much Bothwell means to CRD and to me personally. Bothwell was the captain of Riot Squad when I first joined CRD as a rookie, from that moment I could tell that her place within CRD was very special. She led the team with so much passion, determination, kindness and empathy.

Over the years this league has been through the very best and the very worst of times, but throughout this all Bothwell was always able to see the best in everyone. This is one of the things I admire most about her and what makes her such an irreplaceable league member. Bothwell always made us remember that we are a family and should love and respect each other as such, this translated to so much hard work and motivation on track – her belief in us as a team was unshakable.

For me CRD, Riot Squad and roller derby won’t be the same without seeing Bothwell’s face twice a week. I love you and I miss you already.”

- Polly Filla #5, Riot Squad


Gotta love a wig! Apocalex and Lady P

“I really struggled as a rookie. Really struggled. My confidence had taken a few knocks and my coordination had never been great, so when Alex took over our coaching her patient, nurturing and amusing approach helped me improve my skating and my confidence. I loved skating but without Alex’s support I’m not sure I would have kept trying!

My friendship with Alex grown over the years and although I’m keeping her forever and ever as a pal, I’m incredibly sad to be losing a fantastic coach.

Three things I love about Alex: 1. Her word play 2. Her ability to see the good in people 3. Oh just everything because just the best.”

- Lady P #777, Vice Squad skater and Riot Squad LUM

Credit: Neil Biggs

Credit: Neil Biggs

“I first met Apocalex when I pulled on her sweaty derby pads for my rookie tryouts – it’s certainly a novel way to meet someone. Since then I have had nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her.

When I was bumped up to Vice Squad I was nervous, paceline transitions stressed me out and I was worried about letting my team down. But Alex let me know it was okay to fail and it was her kind words and encouragement that kept me turning up every week.

She just has a way of explaining things that clicked – her quick-wit combined with a passion and deep-routed knowledge of roller derby makes her the perfect coach. Although she does have a habit of making people fall over when she compliments them! Maybe we just get distracted by her pretty face…”

- Amygeddon #789, Vice Squad


Credit: Neil Biggs

“Coming into Vice Squad was the scariest thing I’ve done in years. Alex’s presence, calm nature and hilarious wit made everything that little bit easier.

From then on she has been an absolute inspiration to me, and I’m sure many others. I’m sad that I won’t get to skate by her side in the near future. But I will stalk her ’til I do.

I’m sure she will succeed in her future endeavours as she is truly, pretty darn marvellous!”

- Deep Phat Frier #13, Vice Squad

Posted on: May 16th, 2016 by Croydon Roller Derby