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The latest on CRD's results and upcoming fixtures

Upcoming Fixtures


24/09/16 Croydon Vice Squad vs Riot City Ravens
22/10/16 Croydon Riot Squad vs Rainy City Roller Girls B
22/10/16 Croydon Vice Squad vs Rainy City Roller Girls C
05/11/16 Croydon Riot Squad vs Dublin Roller Derby B
05/11/16 Croydon Vice Squad vs Dublin Roller Derby C
26/11/16 Croydon Riot Squad vs Hulls Angels Roller Derby (WFTDA)

Latest Results


07/08/16 Croydon Riot Squad 185:172Big Bucks High Rollers (UKRDA)
03/07/16 Croydon Riot Squad 108:155SWAT (UKRDA)
29/05/16 Croydon Vice Squad 151:237Bristol B
22/05/16 Croydon Riot Squad 181:142Brighton Rockers (UKRDA)
15/05/16 Croydon Vice Squad 104:136Bourne Bombshells
14/05/16 Croydon Riot Squad 137:151London Rockin Rollers (UKRDA & WFTDA)
23/04/16 Croydon Riot Squad 107:422 Bristol Roller Derby (UKRDA)
16/04/16 Croydon Vice Squad 29:502 Roller Derby Madrid
27/02/16 Croydon Riot Squad 170:94Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz A (WFTDA)
27/02/16 Croydon Vice Squad 225:195Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz B
20/01/16 Croydon Riot Squad 219:156 Portsmouth Roller Wenches (UKRDA)


19/12/15 Croydon Riot Squad 100:393Paris Roller Girls All Stars (WFTDA)
19/12/15 Croydon Vice Squad 128:346Paris Roller Girls Les Quedalles
26/09/15 Croydon Riot Squad 66:219 Birmingham Blitz Dames (UKRDA)
20/09/15 Croydon Vice Squad 256:174 Grid City
22/08/15 Croydon Riot Squad 208:78Milton Keynes Concrete Cows (UKRDA)
02/08/15 Croydon Riot Squad 207:109Oxford Roller Derby (UKRDA)
19/07/15 Eastbourne Extreme – Riot Squad 194:266 Bristol Roller Derby
18/07/15 Eastbourne Extreme – Vice Squad 97:83LRR Rising Stars
18/07/15 Eastbourne Extreme – Vice Squad 147:71Big Bucks High Rollers Rough Diamonds
18/07/15 Eastbourne Extreme – Vice Squad 208:84Brighton Rockerbillies
13/06/15 Croydon Riot Squad 160:134Cambridge Rollerbillies
16/05/15 Croydon Vice Squad 115:200Rainy City B
15/03/15 Croydon Riot Squad 261:82Kent Roller Girls
08/02/15 Croydon Riot Squad 199:86Lincolnshire Bombers