Skater Spotlight

Meet our featured CRD girl of the month

10 Toxic Frosting

Welsh wonder Toxic Frosting is one of Vice’s most deadly blockers on track. With superb track awareness, deft positional blocking and an eye for stopping the jammer, Toxic has been a vital component for a number of Vice Squad’s many wins. But with her sights on turning her hand to jamming as well, we decided to catch up with Toxic to get to know the girl behind the skates.

1. Hello Toxic Frosting. That’s a lovely accent, where are you from?

All the way from the South Wales Valleys with the mountains and the sheep.

2. How long have you been skating with CRD?

Since August 2013

3. Do you have a pre-bout preparation ritual?

Umm, I usually de-gross my mouth guard and listen to some Beastie Boys, N*E*R*D and of course, Beyonce. 

4. What’s your current skate set-up?

I have a lighter-than-air set-up, skating on custom Bonts, Pilot Falcon plates and 91a Presto wheels (borrowed from the lovely Judge Redd). 

5. What have been your standout, all-time favourite moments from your CRD career?

There have been so many in such a short time, I guess my first open-door with CRD was amazing despite getting 6 penalties. Winning my first best blocker award made me cry haha! Last but not least playing in Belfast May 2014 was such a great sporting opportunity, and we won too. 

6. What are your goals for the future in your skating career?

I really want to work on my footwork and agility over the next few months so I can jam a bit more. I may be able to withstand and dish out a few big hits but I don’t like picking up my feet. 

I’m also super competitive so playing for a national team wouldn’t be half bad haha. But realistically I want to help Vice Squad rise through the ranks and you never know, one day get to Riot Squad with the big girls…

7. Which skaters inspire you?

There are too many. Internationally I would say Smarty Pants from TXRG as she is a mega double threat and Hauss the (jamming) BOSS also from TXRG. 

All the Riot Squad gals are pretty awesome too and great roller derby role models to skate alongside! I wouldn’t mind being able to block and jam like Dyduch.

8. What do you do when you’re not skating?

Working for the NHS, watching all of the films and roaming the country to visit various family and friends. 

9. Do you have a party trick?

Yes, although I’m getting too old to crack them out at parties according to my derby widow/boyfriend. I can do the splits! 

10. Are you a lover or a fighter?

You’ve got to be a bit of both right? I wouldn’t keep pushing myself every week if roller derby wasn’t the best thing ever.