Skater Spotlight

Meet our featured CRD girl of the month

17 Jeopardy Jinx

She’s one of the more experienced members of CRD – chalking up more than a whopping five years with the league – and boy can you tell when you see her in action on the track! Croydon would not be Croydon without the fearsome Jeopardy Jinx.

Jinx at the Eastbourne Extreme festival

Jinx at the Eastbourne Extreme festival (Photo: John Hesse)

Where are you from?
A small village called Wootton, nearest town Bedford. I lived there til I was 18 and I never knew they had roller derby teams!

How long have you been skating with CRD?
Since Nov 2009

Do you have a pre-bout preparation ritual?
Not really, I just try and psch myself up through music, giving out good vibes and centring myself so I am ready for action!

What’s your current skate set-up?
Riedell 965 boots, Pilot Falcon 5.50 plate and Reckless Evaders XE in a 91. Though they are so worn down its more like 93 now!

What have been your standout, all-time favourite moments from your CRD career?
Bloody hell it’s a been a while so there a few! Our first ever bout against Bedford, as we won so we shocked a few people. Winning Eastbourne Extreme a few years in a row and managing to sneak into the top 20 rankings last year when we played Hot Wheels. I had a hole in my foot at the time so worth the pain!

What are your goals for the future in your skating career?
To try and gain more experience as a jammer and improve on effective, acute offensive blocking. I’m a defensive blocker by trade

Which skaters inspire you?
Tracey “Disco” Akers she is a double threat as she can block and jam so proficiently. You don’t usually see that in Division 1 it’s usually one or the other. For similar reasons I would pick Jackie Daniels and of course Scald Eagle. That doesn’t need an explanation!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Usually trying to visit long lost family who are derby widowers, creating art, gardening, catching up on tattoo work and eating a lot of cheese!

Tell us one fact about you that not even your team mates know about you.
Once when showering in Costa Rica a full size tarantula decided to slowly walk across the cubicle wall in front of me when I was butt naked. It disappeared 30 seconds later and I couldn’t see it. Later on I had to kill some large flying cockroaches, which were in our room and my travelmate was freaking out as they screech when they fly, with a broken concrete slab. Apologies to animal lovers everywhere but they had to go, we needed to sleep! There was no other way. P.S please do not get put off by going to Costa Rica its awesome!!! (All wildlife is huge as the country is mainly cloud forest!)

Are you a lover or a fighter?
A bit of both really! I usually try and make sure that everyone is on the level but I will give a good fight when it’s ultimately necessary.