Skater Spotlight

Meet our featured CRD girl of the month

29 Total Bevlam

Pub game master, riot squad veteran and training attendance tracker extraordinaire it is the one and only, Bevlam!

How long have you been skating?

I started skating and learning Roller Derby in January 2012, and played my first bout with Croydon in July 2012, at Eastbourne Extreme.

What types of fitness training do you do outside of skating, and how often do you do exercise?

Outside of skating I do a bit of gym work, circuit training and boxing. I average an extra 5-8 hours a week on top of Roller Derby training.

How do you feel Roller Derby has affected your life?

Roller Derby has totally taken over my life. My friends have to fit in around it, and mostly they still like me. I always used to like team sports at school and to find Derby now has been amazing.

You are a skater who has always had a 100% attendance record: how do you keep up that dedication, and what would you say to a skater who is struggling with making their training sessions?

Whatever I chose to do in my life always got my full commitment, and Derby is no different. I am older than most of the league so I feel that I need to work a bit harder to keep up. To those who struggle to make training I’d suggest that they look at why they can’t make sessions. If it’s a legitimate reason, then fair enough, but if not then they need to commit more. After all they are part of an amazing team now.

Coming to the recent Croydon vs Brighton Rockers game: it was a tough game for Croydon and you were voted best blocker. How do you feel about that?

The first time I played Brighton I was really scared. This was our 3rd encounter and for them to award me best blocker was totally amazing. I wish they could have seen the size of the smile it put on my face.

What have been your best and worst derby moments to date?

Best and worst Derby moments! Apart from my best blocker award from Brighton, the best moment has to be watching CRD’s Vice Squad winning the Eastbourne Extreme Tournament this year. I was so proud of them [as a Vice Squad coach] and glad to witness it. Worst is every time I fail at something. I hate it when my brain tells my body it can’t do something.

Any party tricks? We hear you can arm wrestle very well!

My party trick is that I can bend my fingers at the top knuckle. As for arm wrestling, that time on the coach [back from an away game] was my first time. I need to work on those skills.

What are your Roller Derby goals?

I have two goals: firstly, I want to stay fit and play for as long as I possibly can. Secondly, I want to become a good enough jammer that I can become part of the team’s main jammer rotation.

What has been your worst Roller Derby injury to date?

I have had some pretty big bruises, but I have always bruised like a peach. Other than that I have managed to stay away from serious injury.

Anything coming up that you are excited about?

I have recently had surgery on my foot so the most exciting thing for me at the moment is getting back on skates. Can’t come soon enough.

What skates and wheel set up do you have?

My current skates are Bonts, and I skate with 93 and 95 Atom Jukes.

If you could tell your past Roller Derby self anything, what would you say?

I would have told myself to find Derby sooner. Then I would have said be more aggressive. I was far too soft at the start, and it had to be pointed out to me.