Skater Spotlight

Meet our featured CRD girl of the month

777 Lady Painelope

She’s Wonder Woman on track and event organiser extraordinaire who loves a bit of glitter and shiny shorts! Say Hello to Vice Squad’s Lady Painelope.

1. Hello Lady Painelope. Where are you from?
Hello! I was born in Oldham and moved to Surrey when I was 5. I’ve lived in Cronx for 2 years now.

2. How long have you been skating with CRD?
2.5 terribly happy years

3. Do you have a pre-bout preparation ritual?

I wake up like a child on Christmas Day, eat a big healthy breakfast and then try and keep excitement and adrenalin under control. I usually have a berry smoothie just before playing. After a bout I like a pint.

4. What’s your current skate set-up?

She-Devils, crazy venue plates with Prestos. I’m waiting for Rollercon to upgrade.

5. What have been your standout, all-time favourite moments from your CRD career?

Ooh, tough one. Playing Belfast was pretty epic and Vice winning Eastbourne Extreme was amazing. My eyes leaked but I think that was because there was a lot of pollen that day.

6. What are your goals for the future in your skating career?

I’d love to skate with Riot and generally look after myself as much as possible so that I can continue to play for a long long time.

7. You’re known as one of the smiliest people in CRD and won Vice Squad’s Team Spirit Award last year, how important is this as a skater and for a league?

I believe that if you surround yourself with positive people you can achieve pretty much anything so supporting each other and choosing to fight for a common goal is vital from my perspective.

8. You’re also heavily involved with the league and have organised the biggest bouts of CRD’s history, including the Champs home game, how do you balance ‘real life’ with skating?

I like a challenge! Meeky, one of Croydon’s past skaters, inspired me to be as organised as I could be. I can recommend wall planners, Google docs and a Filofax. Yes, a Filofax.

9. Tell us one fact about you that not even your team mates know about you.
I’m terrified of pigeons. If you see me and a pigeon in the same place, help me.

10. Which skaters inspire you?

So many. I’d like to have the no-nonsense, tough as old boots approach of CRD’s Dyduch.

11. Are you a lover or a fighter?

I’m both, equally, I’m a fi-ver.