Skater Spotlight

Meet our featured CRD girl of the month

999 Nikki blocker Glory

This month in Skater Spotlight we catch up with Croydon newcomer turned A Team crossover, Nikki Blocker Glory! With her lightening fast feet, formidable blocking, and unshakable cool-headed-ness (even after playing two back to back full length bouts, as she did at the recent Croydon-Belfast match up), this Welsh transfer is definitely one to watch!

How long have you played roller derby?
About 3 years.

Tell us how you started playing roller derby?
A friend had joined a local team and had been asking me to go along with her as she thought I’d like it. At that time I had no idea what roller derby was and the thought of being on roller skates actually scared me a little, so I was a bit unsure at first. I eventually decided to give it a go and a few weeks after that I went to watch my first bout and was completely hooked!

Favourite position to play?
I love blocking whereas I’ve always had a bit of a love/ hate relationship with jamming, but I’m happy to play either position and do whichever the team needs me to do.

How does it feel moving from B team to A team so quickly?
It’s exciting! I’m looking forward to the challenges that it will bring and learning from the fantastic skaters that make up Riot Squad.

What has been your favourite derby memory to date?
Playing in my first bout would definitely have to be one of my favourite moments. It was all so new and exciting! Playing as a team and cheering each other on for the very first time was such a great feeling.

What are your goals for derby?
My main goals would be to keep progressing and improving as much as I possibly can and to be a lot more confident when I’m on track. To like jamming more is also at the top of the list!

Worst injury so far?
Injury wise I have been super lucky! Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with anything other than bruises and the occasional sore rib or hip.