Three of our new Vice Squad members just did their first game and it was epic

Amygeddon, Lozza Pain and Penfold are three of the newest talents to join our B Team – Vice Squad. They’re testament to the three A’s – attitude, attendance and ability.

After months of hard work and becoming part of the team, we sent them out on their first game and it was epic. They did us proud and showed everyone what new talent Croydon Roller Derby turns out.

Our wonderful Amygeddon told us about her experience here

The track is down, the refs are ready and the crowd is highly-caffeinated and raring for some action – all that’s needed are for the two teams to take their place. Enter This Rookie and That Newbie.

The blockers line up in their walls, looking strong and behind them the jammers settle into position. It just so happens that I was one of the jammers and this was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I was about to pop my roller derby cherry in front of friends, family and teammates.


(L-R) Lozza Pain, Penfold, Amygeddon. Courtesy of Neil Biggs

(L-R) Lozza Pain, Penfold, Amygeddon.
Courtesy of Neil Biggs

I’d spent the past six weeks, ever since my coach Polly Filla had put my name forward for the bout, freaking out about this moment. Will I remember how to skate with people watching? What happens if I fall over straight away? Don’t get through the pack? Never score any points? Foul out? So. Many. Questions.

Luckily for me, it turns out all of these fears were unfounded, but more on that later.

Getting to this point was hard work. In all honesty, I tried out for CRD nearly one year ago to the day on a bit of a whim. My skating experience prior to this was limited – I had blades as a kid (along with some very fetching Goosebumps-themed green and purple pads) and on the rare occasion could be seen trying not to spill my drink at a roller disco.

Since then, I’m pleased to say that my skating has improved considerably, thanks to dedication but also the patience and support of my coaches and teammates. They’ve helped me conquer plow stops, my fear of falling over backwards when trying to do transitions, taking hits from the A-team and a whole host of other skills. So, with that in my arsenal, I headed out for my first ever game.

And there goes the whistle. The first jam was all a bit of a blur – my legs were so wobbly I could barely balance on my toe stops and to make matters worse I didn’t get lead jammer or score any points. But, I did do an apex jump. Go big or go home I figured.

Things improved after that. My confidence grew and I bonded with my teammates who I’d only met an hour before (with the exception of my fellow CRD newbies Penfold and Lozza Pain). There’s nothing like coming off track after jamming to high fives and sweaty hugs from your teammates.

Our hard work and team dynamics really shone through and we took home a win, with the final score 261-121. I’ve never been more elated (or sweaty) in my entire life.

Over the past year I’ve given up my Friday evenings (and more recently Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons), battled tears, bruises, frustration and more aches and pains than I care to mention to pursue this crazy sport. But the feeling I had at the end of that game, knowing all my hard work had finally paid off, made everything worth it.

If you want to try out for our league, get all the details here on Facebook.

Amygeddon jamming in her rookie opener. Courtesy of Neil Biggs.

Amygeddon jamming in her rookie opener. Courtesy of Neil Biggs.

Posted on: September 22nd, 2015 by Croydon Roller Derby